Monday, 16 December 2013

Dear Parents,

We would hereby like to warmly invite you ALL, together with children and teachers, to once again this year attend the pre-Christmas end of year

Multicultural celebration in honour of values!
Source: PI


Anonymous said...

Oh thank you! I will gladly attend the tribute for dismantling the West and its people by bringing in millions of foreigners who do not share our culture, traditions, or DNA!

Anonymous said...

Every Swede should see this video.

In the near future they will have riots that will dwarf the 2013 riots and the left's attack dogs, the immigrants, will turn on them and start killing them as their society finally crumbles probably 3-5 years from now and their will be a huge number of third world immigrants head up there in the next couple of years. Their multicultural utopia will turn into their own bloody hell.

Anonymous said...

Multi culti horse shit.

Anonymous said...

Why are Germans destroying their own culture? Progressives are brainless.



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