Friday, 13 December 2013

Brainwashed children
African con artists

In Hamburg, 3500 children took time off school without permission to demonstrate for the right of "asylum seekers" to remain in Germany. These African con artists arrived in the city two years ago via Lampedusa and have since engaged in various stunts to demand their right to remain and enjoy a lifelong supply of free stuff at the expense of the German taxpayer.

Source: Morgenpost Via: PI


Anonymous said...

This is what decades of holocaust brainwashing has done to Germans. I bet they all feel guilty about the holocaust even though it had nothing to do with them. The link below is to an interesting article on how holocaust propaganda is used to make white people go on a guilt trip -

Konan Vader said...

ahahha im italian and here they dont get a sh*** (no welfare no housing no free health care) and live on streets and dont demonstrate at all...they know that we would kick their arses. i can see that stupid germans are just dumb

Fri mand said...

In Norway they are also treating them hard. Look at theese fools demonstrating because the asylum served them non-hallal food - calling it racisme.

Bernard said...

I was chef in Paris for sevrel year. Moslems did not know but I served them porc many time. Haha hahaha HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

I still can't get over the image from the funeral. The one with the black guy standing there fooling the whole world into thinking he knew what he was doing. When really he was a fraud and a phony. Also, there was this fake sign language guy too !

Anonymous said...

And the fake sign language guy has been busy with a whole variety of crimes

Anonymous said...

In 2010 I observed a Mexican amnesty rally near a San Francisco courthouse where the Arizona immigration law was being ejudicated, where some American kids were there as part of a class day trip, holding signs in support of the illegal aliens.

The schools indoctrinate kids with social justice BS now, instead of math and reading.

-- BW

Roni said...

This is a true story. Yesterday evening stood Willem (not his true name) the brother of my neighbour by my door. He was waiting in the cold for his sister to come home. He did not know exactly when she will arrive; it could also be in the mid of the night. He was shivering, so I had let him in. Willem has a heavy ADHD and comes easily in troubles. He had lost nearly everything: his home, his marriage, his children (are by his ex). He is living now in the street. Most of his family had rejected him; inclusive his parents. He had arrived here from Rotterdam; partly by travelling without a ticket in the train and the rest he had walked. On a cup of coffee, he told me that Rotterdam is flooded by homeless people. Many of them are illegal in the Netherlands, or had come from Eastern Europe. There are not enough places in the shelters, so the homeless have to bring most of the nights in the streets. The crisis centers are open only when the temperature is below – 7 * Celsius. I was in a shock to here all that. The day before was a TV show of two famous Dutch singers who had a programme on old people living in poverty. One of the singers had made a remark that did not sound political-correct. He said: instead of installing a scan machine of 3 million Euro in a Palestinian Israeli check point, the government could better use the money for the food banks who don’t get one cent subsidy.
The economical crisis had hit the Netherlands under the belt. Poverty comes more and more in sight. But the government of Liberal and Socialist “Modern Marie Antoinettes” is still playing business as usual. They throw money in shitty places in the Third World, the EU etc. Invaders from the Third World are more important than the indigenous. They have the right of a cosy warm place in the asylum seekers centres. indigenous who have no home, have the right to die in the cold under the bridge.

Roni said...

@Anonymous 13 december 2013.
The Germans may feel themselves guilty about the Holocaust and all the Europeans they had murdered during WWII. I understand you hate Jews and that’s OK. Everyone has the right to hate somebody: This is human nature. But I bet you know very little on the mass murders the Germans had committed in their occupied territories. Have you ever heard about the mass killing in the French village Oradour-sur-Glane on 10 June 1944? And the massacre of the Czech village Lidice, on 10 June 1942? Villages in Eastern Europe and Russia were wiped out from the surface, as for the Germans were suspicious the inhabitants had collaborated with the partisans. In the Netherlands they had a hobby of collecting quickly people from the street and shoot them as a punishments for what so ever. The corpses had to lay three days on the sidewalks in order to show who has here balls!. All the murdered people were white Europeans: no Jews and no niggers among them!.
However the story has nothing to do with all the Third World shit of Muzzies (Danish name for Muslims) and negroes that are flooding into Europe in order to live on costs of the indigenous, have free rape and free hunting area’s for robbery and drugs dealers.
However thank you for the link. I am going to read it.

Anonymous said...

Roni 16:40 I am well aware of Lidice and Oradour sur Glane as the media keep repeating stories about nazi atrocities over and over again ad nauseum. They do not keep repeating stories about Katyn and Vinnitsa half as much. There were also massacres of German civilians in Czechia and other parts of eastern Europe but the media does not go on and on about it all the time. Both sides committed war crimes and atrocities. There were dozens of Katyns all over the Soviet Union. What about the Ukrainian famine? Stalin killed more people during peace time than Hitler killed during war time. The fact that the USA and UK allied themselves to a criminal regime that was worse than the enemy is sick. In May 1941 Hitler offered to withdraw all German troops from France, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Greece and Yugoslavia in return for peace with Britain so that Germany and Italy could concentrate on fighting the USSR. This is also what Rudolf Hess proposed when he flew to Britain. Churchill refused. So the war in the west could have finished in 1941 but the British government kept it going. The fact that Churchill embraced Stalin as an ally while condemning Hitler as a dictator is beyond hypocrisy. Poland, which was the cause of going to war in the first place, became communist occupied. People who complain of 4 years of nazi occupation in western Europe should consider that eastern Europe was communist occupied for over 4 decades!

Roni said...

@Anonymous 14 December 16.40
I am sure the Russians do not like to hear stories on Katyn. Why should they? ‘Stalins Boy’s’ of the NKVD had murdered there app. 22.000 Polish officers. As for the massacres of German civilians in Czechia and the former East of Prussia and today Kaliningrad etc.. What do you expect from the locals? To be nice? The Germans were not nice to the Czechs and the Czechs paid back!. True: both sides committed war crimes and atrocities. War is not a one sided Gentlemen Agreement.
Stalin was appointed as General Secretary of the Soviet Union as a result of ….a political-correct policy. Jozef Dzhugashvili Stalin didn’t have even one drop of Russian blood in his veins. He was Georgian. Indeed he had killed during his reign as many people as Hitler did. The story of Stalin is a future warning for us. The EU idiots are silly enough to appoint in the future an Achmed or Abdul on the place of Barosso or Martin Schulz. The whole bloody killing opera will start over again.
Churchill had chosen Stalin as a temporary ally because he did not want to open three fronts at once. Remember that Britain had in WWII to do with Japan who had occupied Singapore and had become a serious threat to Australia. Churchill was a clever fox and held Stalin in sight. As for the offer of Hitler to withdraw German troops from France, the Netherlands, etc. there was no reason for Churchill to trust him. He had the fully right to call Hitler a ‘Gutter Snipe’. He knew that the word of Hitler has no meaning at all. If Hitler did not want a war in the west, than why he had bomb Coventry in Nov. 1940? Why did he start the Blitz against Britain? What was the reason to attack the Netherlands who wanted to be neutral? In the same time to attack Belgium, France, Denmark and Norway?
Hitler had made a crucial mistake by: a) fighting in two fronts (many of the Wehrmacht officers were against it; inclusive Erwin Rommel) and b) bad timing opening war against the Soviet Union. He didn’t think about the Russian winter.
He had lost, the Red Army fought back and occupied a great part of Europe.



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