Sunday, 10 November 2013

This graphic - Help the Ummah to grow! - appeared on a German Muslim website.

Source: Abu Z Project Via: PI


Anders Nyström said...

vergößern? what a stupid writing mistake HAHAHA XD - an "r" is missing: vergRößern

Anonymous said...

The dhimmi's have finally learned their place and are funding this holy expansion!!! I pray to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) to allow a disgusting woman distract me from my dancing boys and stable of donkeys.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess... This disgusting bronze age propaganda was funded with tax payer money and approved by the dhimmis in power?

Anonymous said...

@ 17:23
InshAllah you will be beheaded for suggesting dhimmi's can appease us by such an inadequate gesture!!! Not only must they fund this holy education, they must also pay for the food, housing, medical expenses, and education for the jihadi's this campaign produces. Allahu Akbar !

Anonymous said...

May Jesus (PBUH) guide you to submit to Isam, the only true religion!



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