Thursday, 14 November 2013
A few days ago I wrote about how an artist had been prevented from exhibiting her nude sketches in Berlin for fear of offending Muslims. That decision has since been reversed after a public outcry. But it seems the spirit of dhimmitude still prevails in official circles in the city. At a recent "interfaith" event held in the city chambers, all statues and busts were covered with white cloths, apparently to soothe the sensibilities of the invited Muslims.

Source: PI


Anonymous said...

How utterly, utterly ridiculous!!

What is wrong with these 'people' that statues have to be covered to 'soothe their sensibilities'? Are they really that offended by a carved marble depiction of the human?

But what is worse is the fact that ministers running the local city chambers caved into muslim pressure and did this. They are the real traitors to Germany, and we see their ilk all across Europe and the West.

Come on Europe, time to take your countries back from these 7th century cavemen.

Anonymous said...

It's not white populations pandering to muslim aliens, but their political elites who are despicable cowards without any backbone whatsoever.

There is only one way to approach muslims, and that is IMMEDIATE DEPORTATION from our White, Judeo-Christian nations. Out, you filthy, demented impostors of human beings, and take all white race traitors with you!

Anonymous said...

whats next? the Mona Lisa??? for crying out loud. if its "offensive" don't bloody well go and look at it, wow that was a difficult decision to make.

Anonymous said...

Muslims don't know anything of Art because the Koran forbids it. They are not able to
appreciate Art.



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