Monday, 28 October 2013

I've written a few times about Rachid Nekkaz, a millionaire Muslim colonist living in France, who offered to pay all the fines imposed on women who wore burkas and attempted to acquire a controlling interest in Charlie Hebdo after it published Mohammed cartoons. He was also a French presidential candidate in 2007. Nekkaz has now done prison time and faces the prospect of more after bribing a mayor to acquire his signature for the presidential candidacy of Marine Le Pen. The French presidential system requires each candidate to have the signatures of a certain number of mayors. Nekkaz claims he wanted to demonstrate that the system was corrupt. So he bribed a mayor to back Marine Le Pen then revealed it to the press. Since bribery of this kind is a criminal offence, the smug Muslim has now been charged.

Three years in prison, including six months in custody, were requested on Thursday for the activist Rachid Nekkaz who appeared in front of Paris correctional tribunal for the purchase of the sponsoring signature of a mayor for the 2012 presidential elections, through which he intended to demonstrate the fragility of the electoral procedure.

In response he has given up his French citizenship.

From now on, it's in Algeria that Rachid Nekkaz intends to pursue his struggle against injustice and for liberty by becoming the candidate of youth and change in the Algerian presidential elections in April 2014.


sheik yer'mami said...

Amazing, is it not, that there are so many of them ready to give their everything to make that barbaric cult conquer the whole world. Equally amazing that the west is still in deep sleep.

Anonymous said...

good take your satanic death cult with you.

Anonymous said...

great - he goes to Algeria and tries to change things there with his money. Good luck with that.

More likely he'll just end up funding illegal tard migration across the Med as revenge

Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - I wish we could get rid of aliens that easy here in the States. The policy now is "catch and release".

Anonymous said...

The muslim freaks never give up because they know that most people in the West are ignorant of islam and its goal to subjugate them. In fact, many Westerners believe that islam's antagonists are nothing but haters, who should stop picking on those poor, harmless muzzies. . .

The struggle against islam is going to be long and difficult, but in the end Humanity will win out, and the savage, conquering "religion" will be no more!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope so, because right now it's not looking good, the common person won't even hear any of it without the name calling like "nazi", etc.

Larry Lemnoc said...

Islam MUST be fought on all fronts, physically, mentally and emotionally, by employing humour, thus showing muslims for what they truly ARE: Here is my contribution, a link to a FREE Koran satire/parody "The Lost Verses of the Koran" -



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