Saturday, 12 October 2013

After the recent election in Germany, negotiations are underway about the formation of the next government. Angela Merkel's mainstream conservative party has the largest representation but needs a partner to form a stable government. One of the partners being considered is the Greens. The Greens performed poorly in the election, resulting in the departure of their former leader. Their new leader, Katrin Göring-Eckhardt, didn't take long to show what the Greens are all about these days. Forget the environment. Not a word about that. Asked what it would take for her to consider a coalition with Merkel, she said the following:
Well, I think, that's about two points in this area. On the one hand, that we're a country that is open for migrants, that attracts people. Who we need urgently by the way. Not only specialist workers, but because we, because we also need people here, er that er feel at home in our benefits system and can also feel at home.
Source: PI


parisclaims said...

The more left you are, the more insane you are. You cannot get any further left than green.

Anonymous said...

This woman is psycho - literally. Surely it is better to help third worlders in their own countries rather than encourage them to travel to first world countries - a dangerous undertaking for many - whereupon they are put on social security and dwell in high rise ghettoes. Does she really want to help poor people in the non-white countries or is rather that she wishes to see the white countries torn apart and literally destroyed by immigrants - many of whom have no intention of assimilating or engaging with the original European culture?
She is completely psycho. She has a kind of death wish that she (more than most of her kind) openly displays for all the world to see - her disconnect from the real world is complete. She no doubt imagines that there is a limitless supply of government funds to hand over to the immivaders, it interests her not that it is the working poor who pay taxes - not the large corporations and uber rich - and it is the white working poor who have to deal with the immivaders whilst trying to go about their daily lives - not people like her who are safely encastled in the better zones. She is mentally ill living a comfortable life spending other peoples money. l bet she has never done an honest days work or got her hands dirty, nothing is allowed to intrude upon her dream!

Anonymous said...

The greens need to fuck off. Open the concentration camps again and put em there



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