Monday, 14 October 2013

Source: Sky News


Profit Mopedo said...

Chances are muslim immigrants were respondents in this survey..
The survey should have been taken amongst native borb Brits. My bet is that it would have shown an even higher percentage.

Maria José said...

Utøya survivor to be deported for refugee lie

Khaled Ahmed Taleb (37) had claimed to be fleeing the brutal civil war in Somalia when he arrived in Norway in 2002.

He then went on to build a successful political career, representing the Labour party in both the Hedmark county council and the Hamar municipality, using the name Khalid Haji Ahmed.

But the politician earlier this year admitted to police that he in fact came from the relatively peaceful state of Djibouti, and was four years older than he had claimed.

Mosque probed over exorcism death claim

Anonymous said...

My view is to clean the mass of Muslim extremists as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

^Preferably most of them because they get radicalized by their buddies on tv and the internet so easily. Toss em out.

Maria José said...

'You have no right to be in the UK and you should leave': Extraordinary moment immigration minister tells five-time failed asylum seeker to go home on live TV

Maria José said...

Moment the Minister tells an asylum seeker should leave the UK



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