Sunday, 29 September 2013
Manfred Gerstenfeld interviews Chaim Shmuel Nisan.

In 2008, I studied Hebrew in Amsterdam. To earn a living, I worked in a supermarket near Dam Square, the main square of the city. The supermarket is part of the leading leading Dutch supermarket chain “Albert Heijn”; which is also a very good employer.
My work consisted, among other things, of filling boxes in the vegetables department. I wore a yarmulke, but not ultra-orthodox clothing; as I did later. When I think back on the Netherlands, I was verbally attacked quite often there and often threatened with murder. I was never physically injured.

In the supermarket, most anti-Semitic incidents were caused by our Moroccan customers. They uttered insulting remarks or called me names. They were often physically intimidating. They used many curses like "cancerous Jew" and "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas". Some Moroccans gave me the Hitler salute. Others said nothing, but followed me in a disturbing way. In an average week there were two to three such incidents. In the less than a year that I worked in the supermarket, there were at least a hundred such incidents. However, it did not occur to me to file a complaint to the CIDI [Jewish anti-discrimination organisation] or other external group.

However, the number of incidents had increased significantly; especially during the Muslim Eid. The Moroccans came into our store in a festive dress. I was constantly insulted. Several times, I complained to my boss. He was always friendly and attentive. He gave me a job in the knowledge that I wore a yarmulke. When the situation became threatening, he put someone else to work at the same place where I worked. It never occurred to physical confrontations as there were security staff who intervene immediately if anything happens and the people who attacked me knew that .

I also had Moroccan colleagues. They never talked to me, barely looked at me. They couldn’t do any more, because I would have made a complaint to my boss, which would have had an effect on them. In this supermarket there were about 20 people with an immigrant background working. There were no problems with Turks, Antilleans , Spanish or Portuguese. I only had problems with Moroccans.

On the Sabbath I often went to Rotterdam. To reach the synagogue, we had to cross a neighborhood where many Moroccans are living. Each Sabbath we were cursed at least two or three times. All these experiences we had with Moroccans.

We had a positive meeting with young people from the West Indies . They saw our skullcaps and asked : "Are you Israelis?" We explained that we were not Israelis, but Jews. They said, "That's cool." They saw we had Hebrew prayer book with us and asked if we could read it. They found it very interesting.

In Amsterdam, from time to time, I was a guest, for the Sabbath, in someone’s home, who lived near the synagogue, in the western part of the city. We were also repeatedly insulted there on a regular basis. The attackers made gestures and shouted that they would kill us. I also lived for half a year in Antwerp. I was never insulted there.
Since 2010 I have been living permanently in Israel. I got married in 2012. I do not wear ultra-orthodox clothing any more, but I'm still religious. I'm studying to become a rabbi and teacher and I already have a licence for ritual slaughter.

In recent years, I have visited the Netherlands a few times. I always wear a hooded sweatshirt when I go there, to hide my skullcap. However, I wear the knots of the ritual prayer garment outside my trousers. Thus I am especially recognisable to other Jews and less so to outsiders.

I no longer have the strength for the tense conditions that I endured in the Netherlands. I also do not want my wife to see me in conflict situations if I wear a yarmulke, or a crocheted skullcap; which can also be mistaken for a Muslim head covering. Young people often only associate small skullcaps with Jews.

However, once a Moroccan spat on my face on the train to The Hague. A Dutch woman saw that and was astonished. She asked, "Why did that guy do that?" I pointed to my yarmulke and replied that it had to do with me being a recognisable Jew. She asked: "Do you think that was the reason?" I replied that I not only thought, but knew it was the truth. It amazes me that there are still Dutch people who are surprised about these incidents.
Source: Heplev Via: EJ Bron


Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - Today they are spitting on the Jews. When their population numbers are higher, they will be spitting on the Christians, or any native born Netherlander. Your children will grow up as second class citizens in the land of their forefathers. Stop the immigration, stop the madness, this is Sparta!

Anonymous said...

Someone should dress up as a jew and secretly film it. It might shock people

Anonymous said...

@anonymus from Florida
They are spitting on Christians in the Netherlands and other European countries right now. The Muslims have no problem with that. They translate humanity in weakness and see their benefactors as Sissy Boys. They do even more evil things like beating half dead white passers by (mostly a bunch of 20 against one). Here is a special video for you on how they treat old women:
How do you like this one?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous of 13.56
You write: Someone shoud dress up as a Jew etc. It might shock people. Jesus Christ!..How naive! No. Nobody is shocked by that. Arabs and Muslims are aloud to insult or beat Jews. That’s normal!. It is not normal when a white Jew is making toward Muslims and Arabs racist remarks on the colour of their skin or beating them. Long ago, when my children were at high school, there was a boy at school who was known as real trouble maker: a skinhead with outfit and looks of Dolf Lundgren in one of his action movies. One day a Muslim boy had made ugly remarks on Jews. Something crazy had happened. The burley skinhead had fetched him, said they he will clean all the dirt from his skin. He had beaten him half dead. The other Muslims boys did not dare to interfere. At the principal room the headmaster said the school does not tolerate racism. The skinhead had asked the principal what he does think about insulting Jews? His mother is Jewish and he does not let anyone insult her. However, he still got a ‘lecture’ on racism ..the folk of his mother had suffered so much of racism… and it is not nice that he, as her son, is racist against others etc.

Anonymous said...

lts okay for the muslims to do whatever they want in the muslim lands - likewise the jews can do whatever they want in the jewish lands, however when the musalims and the jews oppress the whites in the white lands then plainly and without prejudice they should leave - all of them.

Anonymous said...

"I'm studying to become a rabbi and teacher and I already have a licence for ritual slaughter."
We dont do ritual slaughter in the West. The jews and the muslims both do ritual slaughter. We dont want or need these primitives in the West.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 22.55
Your basis idea is right. 'It's OK for Muslims to do whatever they want in Muslim lands, likewise the Jews can do in the Jewish 'lands' etc.'. Muslims have 44 countries in world. They are quickly taking over vast parts of Africa. As for the Jews; the word 'lands' simply does not fit. They only have one (very tiny) land on the planet: Israel. In order to keep that tiny country for themselves and stay alive, they have to fight for it every single day for more than 100 years. The Middle East is a Darwinistic World. However, Jews had never had and would never have any ambition to take over any other country in the world. Can you please tell me, how should they? There number is estimated on 11 million. In European standards: it is equivalent to the number of the Czechs, or the number of the Swedes plus Norwegians. By this number you cannot take any country of the whites; even not if all the whites in the country are backwards. Who can take countries with sophisticated technology and highly qualified population as Germany, Sweden the Netherlands, Britain or France? Muslims have second agenda to take over Europe and rule the world in the name of Islam. They are not doing it alone. Our left wing brainwashed leadership is aiding them from the time they import them as refugees and migrants into the country and later on giving them – in the name of multiculturalism – jobs in key positions like municipality registries and other public service and open for them (even if they have two nationalities) the way to country politics.

Anonymous said...

Our leaders are not brainwashed into Islamifying the West - as usual they are basing their actions upon self gain. They will benefit from Islamification of "The West".

Anonymous said...

There WAS a video made of a "Jewish" man with his two sons walking around Amsterdam. It was horrid the conditions and threats heaped upon him. I'll try to find it and post it.

Here it is. Not the one I meant, but almost as good.



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