Sunday, 29 September 2013
The current count for the Austrian elections shows that the "far right" Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) has almost overtaken the mainstream right.

In the graphic above, the SPÖ are the mainstream left Socialists and the ÖVP is the mainstream conservative party. The FPÖ is the main so-called "far-right" party, which, as you can see, has now almost caught up on the mainstream conservative party. The BZÖ is another party considered "far-right" which actually originated in a splinter movement from the FPÖ and has a much more regional focus. Adding their two votes together shows that the "far right" has overhauled the mainstream right. The Stronach party embraces opposition to the euro currency but not the EU itself. Otherwise supports free-market economics and says nothing about immigration.

Source: DiePresse


Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - Finally, after so much damage has been done, the people are waking up. One people, one nation, one leader.

Anonymous said...

Reading over the results within Vienna, it seems that FPO had their best electoral results in those districts which have a large "immigrant" population. One might surmise that the native Viennese who find themselves forced by politicians to have 'immigrant' peoples as their 'neighbours' are the ones who voted decidedly in favour of FPO and at significantly higher percentages per district than for the two major parties. I'm always bemused by votes, in whatever country for the "Green" Party; hard to believe there are still all those aging hippies around eager to vote Communist (and 'save the planet').



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