Saturday, 21 September 2013
The second and third generation of Moroccans in the Netherlands have difficulty integrating socially and economically in their host country. These young people are under 34 for the most part and with serious scientific and professional qualifications generally receive salaries 30% lower than their Dutch counterparts.

In the Netherlands, the priority in the employment market goes to indigenous Dutch and nationals of the European Union and eastern Europe, in a country where more than 65,000 Moroccans are said to be unemployed or exercise temporary employment, notes a study from the Centre for Arab Studies and Research.

...Gerd Leers and Geert Wilders blame foreign immigrants, especially Moroccans, for all the problems of the country, explain the authors of the study, who refer to an opinion poll published recently according to which 37% of young Moroccans in the Netherlands would like to return to live in Morocco.

Around 400,000 Moroccans are living in the Netherlands, the study concludes, estimating that the number of Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands will be 460,000 by 2030.
Source: Bladi


Mullah Lodabullah said...

Good news for the Netherlands; even better news if they pack their bags.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't get your hopes up about this meaning Moroccans or any other Moslems will fold their tents and silently steal away: if anything, they'd expect 'reparations', an asinine concept given that Moslems (whatever their true origins, Moroccan, Pakis, Turks etc) have had, and continue to have, huge negative effects on their 'host' countries' peoples in every respect --- medical, housing, education, crimes, national security, legal, etc. They have cost all Western countries billions, probably trillions which should have been spent on our own peoples. Reparations also implies a notion of one party accepting 'responsibility' for past actions. No one asked Western peoples if they wished this alien, hostile and parasitic people to be inflicted on them and certainly Western countries own people were lied to or conned over the EEC (predecessor of the EU and its policies of Islamisation and 'extension' of its borders to encompass 'Mediterranean' countries (North Africa and Middle East).

Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - These inbred moron-cans should be given an cash incentive to move back home. It will actually save money in the long run, less police, welfare and prison costs.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch will say: Opgeruimd staat netjes.
Means: a clean house is always nice!.

Anonymous said...

But without these bogeymen keeping up crime rates, how will our political overlords continue to exert control over us?

Imagine if Western Europe had indeed manage to forego immigration, we'd have burgeoning exchequers and prosperity for our people. Instead, it's all been flogged in the name of human rights. Our future has been sold for... Some ephemeral notion that will die a black death.

Anonymous said...

They won't leave though ever! The way they behave here if they would do that in their own country they would be beaten to death! And they know it! Sotheby's won't go!



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