Sunday, 21 July 2013

I was just watching the Spanish news channel 24 Horas. They had a brief snippet on the Muslim riots in Yvelines. Astonishingly, this, a violent siege of a police station to demand the liberation of a prisoner who attacked and attempted to murder a police officer, was described as "Muslims gathered to protest against Islamophobia".


Anonymous said...

This is exactly a typical reaction of politic correct media. They use disinformatie and deviate reality. In Star Track they call it "reality deviation distortion".

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed the governments of Europe refuse acknowledge the growing Muslim problem, which has consistently gotten worse each year.

There's hope for Western Civilization yet though, as Australia has now banned all "asylum-seekers" aka boat people, who are predominantly Muslim from emigrating to Oz.

Anonymous said...

When an entire civilisation can be tarred with epithets which imply an inherently irrational, mellenia-long disdain and reactions against an ideology and its adherents, it becomes rather effortless to devise new words which also impute that the fault lies with the (unwilling/unwitting) 'host' countries. It has the great advantage to those who use such vocabulary that they need never acknowledge another side of the equation/argument or the legitimacy of a threatened people's opinions and actions. He who controls the vocabulary, controls and defines the rules and limits of debate and, ultimately, the very thoughts one is permitted to think: hence, the derivation of 'hate speech' and 'hate crime' legislation.

LX™ said...

muslim will dominate the world,use their uterus.



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