Thursday, 13 June 2013

Beneath the biased presentation, this report contains some interesting information about the emergence of a new unabashed right in France, coalescing around the issue of gay marriage.


Anonymous said...

Good to see and the fact that these guys seem to be middle class and young/student types is refreshing.


John Pierre

Anonymous said...

Anyone who supports sexual perversion (homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, transgenderism) is supporting paedophilia, attack on Christianity and the Isalmisation and destruction of the West. Some of those so-called 'counterjihad' groups are either too dim or too basically left/liberal themselves to realise this: this is the real litmus test for the West, opposing the Left's sexual pervert agenda (which includes the legitimising of paedophilia --- the Left already supports, by deliberate failure to prosecute, Polygamy and Female/Male Genital Mutilation for "religious" reasons, so child marriage is the next step to accommodating Moslems and facilitating the further Isalmisation of the Westm and granting legitimacy to homosexual/lesbian acts and allowing them to marry and adopt children is a sideways step in that direction.

Anonymous said...

Better extreme right then the extreme wrong ( left ) keep on fighting lads !!!



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