Thursday, 20 June 2013
The National Police yesterday arrested Bahar Kimyongür in Cordoba, a member of the organisation "Revolutionary Front for the Liberation of the People". The Turkish authorities have been searching for this man, who acquired Belgian nationality, for the murder of a well-known businessman. The police had come following his trail from Seville (an agent boarded the high-speed train), although the arrest took place in the Mosque on the orders of Interpol. The arrested man, who was on holiday with his wife and son, was transferred to the Madrid CGI from where he will be judged in court.
Source: DiarioDeCordoba


Maria José said...

La policía detiene a ocho marroquíes en Ceuta vinculados a redes de Al Qaeda

Ocho personas de nacionalidad marroquí han sido detenidas esta madrugada en Ceuta por su presunta vinculación con una red próxima a Al Qaeda de yihadistas que eran captados en España para viajar a países como Siria, han informado fuentes policiales

Maria José said...

Decenas de personas salieron de España hacia Siria gracias a una célula islamista desarticulada hoy en Ceuta

Maria José said...


Eight Al-Qaeda suspects nabbed in dawn raid

Spanish security forces have broken up a network linked to Al-Qaeda and arrested eight suspects in raids early on Friday morning in Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in north Africa, according to government reports.



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