Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Nicolai Sennels said...

So... It was the jeeewwwss. Again.
Hahahahaaa. Probably paid to say this

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable,did you see that womens face when he said this was Israeli policy!..he should have said Im not a racist because my best friend is a N****r,oops.

Anonymous said...

'Arab Spring' or Syrian Spring' all seem to be bids for national control by the Muslim Brotherhood with the deliberate assistance of Western powers (governments, EU, UN and the US) to remove leaders of less Sharia-compliant Moslem countries. The unstable situations in these countries provide an excuse for facilitating more Moslems into Europe and the US as "refugees" and "asylum seekers." There has certainly been long-term planning involved in this and, on a national level, one of the first acts by Obama in 2008 was to sign an Executive Order enabling thousands of Palestinians to emigrate to the US with millions in US taxpayers' monies to help them establish Moslem enclaves. What role Israel has is less important balanced against the overwhelming US Jewish support for Obama in both presidential elections.The usual excuse that Jews are 'liberals' is absurd: the Christian West is forever told it has 'persecuted' Jews because of some 'inherent' defect in itself, yet Jews don't find Islam's genocidal views of them problematic and will support a Moslem candidate for the most powerful position in the world and do all they can to facilitate at the same time the demographic and cultural genocide of the Christian West.



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