Friday, 10 May 2013
The president of the Asociación de Amigos del Pueblo Marroquí (ITRAN) [Association of the Friends of the Moroccan People], Alami Susi, today denounced the difficult situation of the Moroccans resident in Spain, a collectivity which is suffering from 60% unemployment, which is forcing the break-up of families with children born here [Spain] who have to go with their mother to Morocco.

In a letter sent to EFE, the president of this association denounces the fact that the Moroccan community resident in Spain is the most afflicted by the economic crisis and "there are thousands of families who have been separated and who have decided that the wife and children should return to Morocco, while the husband remains to share a room with some citizen to try and earn a living."

"The children are the worst affect when they return to their country, Morocco, because they don't find any Spanish-speaking schools, because the vast majority of them were born and grew up in Spain," denounces Alami Susi.

He also complains that neither the government of Morocco nor of Spain "since the majority have Spanish nationality, are doing anything to alleviate this human drama."

The president of ITRAN points out that many Moroccans resident in Spain do not know the language, "despite being here for many years, they don't have training, in labouring, construction, kitchen or field."

Despite being unable to perform any useful function or even speak the language properly, the president of the association tells Moroccans they should have "pride in their origins".


Anonymous said...

(Spanish speaking schools) the vast majority of Moroccan children born in Spain do not speak Spanish nor have they ever heard of Spanish as a language, so what's the problem, in holland same thing. A large portion of muslim children when they go to kindergarten are being returned home because they do not speak e language, even though they as well as their parents have been born and raised here. Do not feel,pity for Moroccan lambs, they will never become Europeans anyway, they are just going back to that hell were they belong. Nothing more! Plus Moroccans no matter were they are born always have Moroccan nationality, so the government complaining they are Spanish is complete bs, they are not, nor have a desire to become Spanish.
Spain is better if without them anyway.

Anonymous said...

Luckily, we can pack them all in buses and ferry them to Africa in less than 12 hours.

Maria José said...

Muslims clash on London streets (video)

Anjem Choudary and his fellow protestors can be seen fighting with what was reported as other Muslim groups on London's Edgware Road

Anonymous said...

They're not all economically inactive. Many are thieves and drug dealers/
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

@paris claims: you do realise that that includes the other 40% as well, including the children. It's the same with Romas. They're apparently poor, yet have more than any ther hard working westerner, and they train their children as young as two years old to steel and lie. But we have to feel sorry for them because they are so called minorities, until you go to a random public school and know better!

Wen will europe become Europe again?

Anonymous said...

@ Maria Jose thanks for the link, one just does not get to see this one mainstream media, which pisses me off. No one is allowed to ask questions apparently. I do hope that the tougher immigration bill that the uk has passed (? Has is been passed?) turns out for the better and that the rest of westeurope will follow. But u fortuneatly I doubt it highly! If the past is a precedent for the future then we will all go to hell.
On the other hand they again, like we see in the Middle East, are fighting each other and not us, which could be considered a good thing of course.

Anonymous said...

No. Alami's just upset that they can't remain in Europe and milk more off the government while breeding more kids to take over the continent.

Maria José said...

La nueva Yihad en España: 'lobos solitarios' con Internet y las redes sociales como armas

Los potenciales terroristas islamistas, que residen y actúan en Europa, se relacionan y se forman gracias a Internet y los foros.

En España ya se han producido 12 detenciones este año y hay abiertas un centenar de operaciones.

Hay manuales que enseñan a "cómo hacer una bomba en la cocina de mamá".



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