Tuesday, 30 April 2013
The fifth column of Jihad in Europe
Posted on April 22, 2013 by E. J. Source
The Belgian police have had recently made it it’s task to roll Recruitment network of Syrian rebels. It was found that the recruiters are active throughout the European Union and that the returning mercenaries, back in Europe, are also ready to be deployed.
All these "volunteers" come, despite their EU passports, largely from countries of North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. The original European population is now very concerned (if not worried), because of their radical Islamic "returnees". What will those adventurers all going to do when they are back again at some point? These young people often only know how to fight against infidels and want nothing more to learn. Colonel Lew Korolkow, veteran of the Russian foreign intelligence and expert crisis explains to the "Voice of Russia".
“Exactly in such environment, the well-organized structure of extremist cells and groups have been formed. This involves a well organized network with its own recruitment centers that can be found in the urban areas of the recruiting quota. The centers have been effective for at least ten years long. This refers to the vast diasporas from Islamic countries, whose representatives have settled throughout Europe. Their main distribution in Europe is in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. To a lesser extent, Norway. That means that the problem it encounters, where are the most favorable conditions created for the so-called ‘dulders’ (In the German article the definition is: people who are deep in trouble) and refugees’ . The foreign policy of the European Union, in recent years, is advantageous for the danger of domestic terrorism. Moreover, the active involvement of the EU in processes that are taking place in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia is contributing to terror; says Dmitri Danilov: sales manager for European security at the Europa Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
"It is obvious that terrorism risk in such a context is not decreasing. It will continue to increase. The more the countries of Europe getting involved in the fight against international terrorism; not only outside Europe but also within their own borders, the greater the risk of terrorist attacks. Though, I would not bring the activities of the European countries in the Arab world in a direct relation to the increasing terrorist threat. But there is a logical connection. From the beginning, the Europeans tried to proceed as if to suggest it would just go to international terrorism here. However, it became very clear, that it simply can not be separated from both the international and domestic terrorism. "

Some experts believe that the fourth generation of Muslim immigrants would now categorically say no to European civilization and would prepare for war.

This generation is a time bomb ticking in the middle of Europe. Or the fifth column of Jihad. However, the terms do not change the causal relationships between the events of today and so the potential in the near future.



Author: Nikita Sorokin

Translated from the German in Dutch by:

E. J. Bron


Anonymous said...

How surprising. They are never to told that they are Europeans, but continue to be Turks or Marocons or whatever. Assimilation is not something a muslim wants to know about>> erdogan.

Anonymous said...

Some experts believe that the fourth generation of Muslim immigrants would now categorically say no to European civilization and would prepare for war.

That is obvious to anyone with the slightest knowledge of Islam. I have been predicting a civil war in Europe for sometime now. The question is are we going to a civil war that will partition Europe culturally and geographically, or start taking measures that will force Muslims to leave Europe. I believe the latter will start fairly soon. Once Muslim imams realise that they will will never be allowed to impose sharia, and will have to live as our dhimmis, they will advise their front line troops to leave.




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