Monday, 22 April 2013

For years police and justice officials have observed a significant increase in street crime committed by youths. Ever more often young perpetrators flock together in gangs and carry out attacks. "Taking" from other youths represents a special problem in this respect.

And what the investigators and judges are no longer concealing: more than 90 per cent of youth crime as a whole is committed by youths of immigrant origin. Recently youth court judges and lawyers have recognised youth crime as a social problem and called on the responsible parties in politics and society to take action against it.
Source: General Anzeiger Bonn

Of course, in Germany "of immigrant origin" is nearly always code for Turks.


Anonymous said...

Turns are per definition criminals, look at the last hundred years of their history! Second this problem was already known in the Netherlands since the early eighties where the vast majority of youth criminals were of marry an and Turkish decent. But in the Netherlands it's basically illegal to say it, just as in Germany. Where is freedom of speech! Where is the right of the real European and the rights of those who come here and do fully assimilate! ( I have friends of different enth ic backgrounds and I can say that there are people who do want to contribute to our beautiful society and be fully part of our society!- just saying). Oddly enough these people who do assimilate are not muslims ever- perhaps a hint for Brussel?

Angry Ant said...

Muslims FIRST, Turks second- find out about the Ummah

Anonymous said...

In islamic theory and practice, we infidels have zero rights. Only muslim males have rights. We are here so that they can have what we have accumulated. Our families are their slaves. They are permitted to kill us with impunity, but we cannot fight back or defend ourselves.

How do you suppose islam conquered Christian lands in the Middle East and North Africa? It was not because theirs is a superior view of life!

Anonymous said...

this is what you leftist politicans brought them to your country to do.

Anonymous said...

AH Diversity - encourage it, welcome it, embrace it!!

Anonymous said...

Enslave them make them do force labor. Arbeit macht frei! But not so much torture, feeding them pork should be enough horror!



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