Sunday, 31 March 2013

I recently discovered Game of Thrones and have been watching the first two seasons of it on Blu-ray. What strikes me most is the Europeanness of it all. This, I think, is a key part of the appeal that these Tolkienesque fantasy epics offer us in fictional form, whether in television, cinema, books or games. As European societies are increasingly repopulated by non-Europeans, as anti-Europeanism continues its reign as the dominant ideology of the world, accepted and internalised even by Europeans themselves, our education system teaches European children to be feel guilty about their own history and culture and deprecates any expression of ancestral identity in the name of anti-racist mania. These epics offer an escape. Only in imaginary worlds are we allowed to celebrate our own Europeanness unabashedly. In the real world we have to be ashamed.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but it's not going to last. Google up the controversy that arose when non-European actors insisted on being cast as hobbits and elves in "The Hobbit" movie. Also check out the new "prequel" to the Wizard of Oz and notice what the Munchkins look like nowadays.

We are not allowed to have anything of our own, not even our own cultural artifacts that we created. Of course, everybody else gets their own things, plus a piece of our stuff, too. Nobody's crapping in their undies because there are no blue-eyed blondes in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."

Look for the Sistine Chapel to be repainted at some point to include Asians, blacks and Indians. It's coming.

Anonymous said...

It's all quite sad, really..

Anonymous said...

You are right Anonymous 1.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2, that Salon article was ridiculous. And even more frightening was the attitude of the comments below it.

I will say it again: some day we will be trying (in vain)to stop these sickos from repainting the Sistine Chapel and all other great works of Western art to be more "inclusive."

These people are insane, period.



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