Friday, 8 March 2013

"Immigrant women from non-Western countries and their female descendants are struggling to get a job in the Danish labor market.
45 percent of women with a non-western background - 63,530 women - are in employment, while a full 72 percent - 1,120,638 women - of their Danish 'sisters' are employed.
The new figures are from Social Security and the Ministry of Integration. In particular, immigrant women between 50 and 59 years are unemployed. In this particular age group 79 percent of women of Danish origin work, while only 39 percent of immigrants and descendants from non-Western countries work.
According to Vibeke Jacobsen, senior researcher at SFI and an expert on migrants in the labor market, there are a variety of explanations on why immigrant women find it difficult to get a job.
According to Jacobsen, immigrant women lack education, language skills, and they very often have only little knowledge of the Danish labor market."
Source: Only few female immigrants have a job


Anonymous said...

why should they have a job? their job is to collect welfare and produce large numbes of little muslims to conquer the host country. it really isnt their fault. they are indoctrinated from earliest childhood in their toxic religion, and then western governments ALLOW THEM TO INVADE THEIR COUNTRY AND PAY THEM TO ENSLAVE THEM. if europeans (and australians, and north americans) had any sense at all, they would be hanging their government traitors by the thousand. instead, they will meekly accept enslavement, and march to the site of their execution, wondering why those nice muslims that they invited to enslave them are all cheering at their scaffold.

Anonymous said...

Britain is the same, sometimes they are having 10 or 12 children just for the welfare money. They don't care about the future of their children, they don't educated well their daughters.

native european said...

One of the most common arguments I used to hear, about why the immigration wasn't political but necessary, was that we needed peopel to replace aging workers. So much for that false argument! Unfortunately its a little late, but at least the masks are being removed one by one.

Anonymous said...

Of course they would have no jobs. First look at them, the way they dress and covering up their faces, second their religion and culture tells them women's job is at home "Cooking and Cleaning". Isn't bit too late the Danish government to say this now? The Danish, British and other European countries who imported so many Salafist Muslim immigrants to their countries should know better and they should know that the women from this part of the world are not going to work and pay tax just like other normal western women.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

so Prince Charles, self styled "the defender of faiths", is going on his annual trip to Saudi Arabia

a country where he could be killed for wearing a cross, or imprisoned for bringing a Bible

Diversity Macht Frei


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