Monday, 28 January 2013
...what if we were told that thousands of people from Africa we've seen arriving here are not, in fact, fleeing poverty at all? Or that, legally speaking, they're not even Africans, but rather nationals of such generous welfare utopias as Sweden, Denmark and Holland?

For BBC Radio 4, I've been searching for some idea of what the modern "British Dream" could be, through a series of frank interviews with some of the almost 3 million new arrivals to England and Wales since 2001 (the first of three programmes is broadcast at 8pm starting tonight). Time and again, our team uncovered Africans who were not any longer from Africa. They were EU citizens and actually giving up welfare rights in places like Scandinavia to come to the UK.

Indeed, we met so many Nigerians from Germany, or Somalis from Denmark, that we asked Oxford University's Migration Observatory to crunch the numbers on how many EU migrants are not originally from Europe. They found that 141,000 people, 7% of those who came to the UK under EU rules were born outside the continent. Somalis are one of the biggest such groups, with an estimated 20,000 coming to the UK from the Netherlands alone. Studies show that between one third and a half of the entire Dutch Somali community has moved to the UK.

But why abandon the good life in Sweden, or the Netherlands, to start again from scratch in Britain?

"It's great to have a decent house," I was told by Quman Akli, who was three and a half when her family fled Somalia for Bergen, in North Holland, in 1989. "But also you want more in life than a decent house. You want to be able to progress."

Quman's family had been housed by the Dutch government. She grew up there and spoke Dutch fluently. After finishing school, she would have been entitled to a subsidised university education; even her bus passes would have been paid for by the state.

Instead, in 2003, she told her father Jibril that she wanted to move to Britain, where she would have to pay for university. He wasn't upset – in fact he decided to quit his job in a printing firm and bring the whole family to London.

"I think the UK is more open than other European countries," says Jibril, who is now a London bus driver. He and many other Somalis told me they admired the success of non-white people in Britain – which was conspicuously absent, they felt, on the continent. Jibril mentions the Asian community who came to the UK from Uganda. "They are landlords, they are businessmen, lawyers," he enthuses. "It's amazing."

How should we feel about this admiration of Britain from non-white people across Europe? Some may find it uncomfortable that Jibril and other Somalis I met were partly attracted by the larger number of mosques in Britain. On the other hand, for them, it's often about racism. Quman remembers how well-meaning Dutch people constantly asked her when she was "going home" after 9/11.

"No one has asked me that in London," she says. She enthuses about Britain's education system and the number of minority MPs.

Others are even more direct in their praise. "London has become a place where black people can live," says Kevin Obudako, who was born in Nigeria but came to Britain from Germany. Having been racially taunted when he first got to Germany, he says an awareness of British post-colonial migration drew him here. "You had Nigerians, Jamaicans," he says. "Everyone was accommodated."
Source: Guardian


Anonymous said...

Many Somalians you see in the streets of London are not immigrating from Mogadishu but they been immigrating from rich European countries it is true. Since 2005 they been immigrating from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland etc. Most of them are very religious. They like comming to Britain not only seeking for Sharia law or mosques but they say Britain is the land of easy money.

Anonymous said...


Jews are leaving because of attacks, and antisemitism



Anonymous said...

A somalian in the UK with a job?
Surely not?
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Anytime i go the bank i see big Somali overweight women holding the queue, i think they transferring money to Alshabab. There are more then 1 million in Britain now, and i am sure they dragging down the British economy. They don't integrate, they tell their children not to speak English, they are very Anti-West. I wish they make things easy and move back to Somalia where there is plenty of mosques and strict muslim morality laws.

Bluepanic said...

Sorry mate off topic but just wanted to pass this link on to you

Hollande is Afraid of His Armies


alas said...

And the other half of the story is all the white people in Britain fleeing to Australia, Canada, or USA. Britain is being destroyed by liberalism.

Anonymous said...

As a Somali who is raised in Britian I say welcome

Anonymous said...

That's. Alled an oxymoron, mate...

Anonymous said...

The Somalis are a curse, those given refugee status in New Zealand decided Australia was a better place and moved on mass. It ruined the welfare payments scheme between the two countries and changed the entry requirements to Australia for New Zealanders. They should all be exported back to Somalia on mass so they can change the home country with their newly acquired western skills.

Susan K said...

I'm sure Geert Wilders will be pleased with this great news.

Britain is dying as we write. The French are waking up through their youth movements and islamic colonization will slow down, maybe even move to Belgium which heartily deserves them.

Sorry. No compassion for the dhimmi and cowardly Brits... to think I used to respect these people.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off you.inbred malnurised pirate

Anonymous said...

What the Somalians need is to go back to their country and repair it. They don't need moving from one Western country to another like nomads.

Somalia needs you guys, Mogadishu needs you, please go back and mend your country.

Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Please please Somalians just fuckoff. No one likes you every body fucking hates you. Including Asian Muslims.. Your all a load of non working inter breeding over breeding load of non working scroungers. British people hate all you ignorant arrogant bastards. Ur woman are the ugliest poorest excuse for woman. No wonder they have there pussy cut off an sewn up. So you can turn them over a fuck there arses so you don't have to look at them. Thank god for the burkha so we don't have to look at their repulsive ugly fat long heads. Ur animals fuck off I say. Britain wants to be British again

Anonymous said...

Yeah fuck off and take ur ugly skank ov a wife and ur six long head goofy teeth sambo kids wiv you.. You can keep your pram. Wouldnt want u tying your youngest rat to ur back like your used to..

Anonymous said...

Yes they do work. They work the benefits system. Vermin

Anonymous said...

Somalis have ruined our area in South London. They spit and urinate openly outside on the pavement. Their minicab driving like idiots with no manners. They claim many benefits and their wives are always in the post office claiming benefits. Many have bought houses by subletting their council houses in high value areas like Camden etc. I wish they would leave but alas I think I hope to leave this country before them.

Anonymous said...

They are a complete waste of space in Britain and should stop enforcing their beliefs on society. Each time I sight them in Shepherds Bush they disgust me, somehow it feels like a Somalian area. They are pieces of shit and always will be. The women are incredibly ugly and have ruined the English language with their shit language.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've been reading the comments here today, several months later. I have been interested in learning today how somalians are able to come into britain via Holland via somalia. I am a school teacher and today had a meeting with a somalian mother who said shes bore 13 children. She's very proud of that, as she should be. Whilst she tells me that I go on to ask here why she's come to britain. Her answer, 'its a free country'. Inside I am boiling. Though the above comments are 'disgusting' the fact is that its true. They are here to claim whatever they can. They don't need benefits. They dress fancy, drive fancy cars, expensive phones. Britain has failed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

First of all I do not know what you people are talking about. Britain colonized Somaliland and it was a protecterate state! Therefore most of these parents were born british! Second of all during the war in 88 These people then migrated to the netherlands. whereby live was not as to desired. you would find qualified doctors working in factories not chance of progression. so from 2000 we all moved to England. lol. I will tell yah now. England is a better country then Holland in many ways. but i will always long for my mother land the land that raised me THE NETHERLANDS!!!

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