Monday, 17 December 2012

Much has been made in the British press recently about the results of the latest census, which showed 3 million immigrants had come to live in England Wales within the last decade. This has been denounced as an unprecedented betrayal of a people by its government. It's undoubtedly a great betrayal. But it also has a precedent, or rather a parallel since it occurred at the same time: Spain.

Spain's census results were also published recently. They showed that an even larger number of immigrants came to Spain during the same decade: 3.5 million rather than Britain's 3 million. Since Spain's base population of around 40 million was significantly smaller than Britain's, this also represents a bigger proportional increase, rising to 46,815,916 in absolute terms. The population of England and Wales grew by 7.8% during the last decade. Spain's grew by almost double that: 14.6%!

Of course, not all immigrants to Spain are savages. Many northern Europeans, like me, come here because they like the lifestyle, or to retire. But, unquestionably, a great many savages come too.

What's most worrying about Spain is that there seems to be hardly any organised political resistance to the immigrant invasion. I hardly ever see it discussed as a problem by politicians or political commentators. It's as if Spain's long history as a tourist destination has somehow acculturated Spanish people to accept the presence of foreigners ("guiris") in their midst. If so, this is a profoundly dangerous mindset. North African Mohammedans won't be bringing any money with them, and they won't be going home after two weeks. You would think that the Spanish would understand the sinister and threatening nature of Islam better than anyone. But no. There's hardly any discussion of it and, when there is, it's the usual multicult, convivencia, Al-Andalus nonsense you hear everywhere. Only the historian Serafín Fanjul speaks out vigorously against the myth of Al-Andalus. I will write more about his work in future.

Source: El Mundo


Maria José said...

Sa Pobla se convierte en un polvorín al quedar en libertad dos menores acusados de violación

La decisión del magistrado titular del Juzgado de Menores Número 1 de Palma de dejar en libertad a los dos menores, de nacionalidad marroquí, acusados de violar a una adolescente de su misma edad ha convertido a sa Pobla en un polvorín.

Anonymous said...

In my local bar in spain appeared a new barman named Yuri. I assume he was from Russia or the Ukraine. Didn't fit into the savage category either. However with youth unemployment running at around 50%, it makes you wonder about the sanity of the decision makers in the country.
Plenty of scummy mosquerats sculking around the area never appearing to be gainfully employed. All the women pushing around pushchairs.
Paris Claims

Maria José said...

Realizan pintadas amenazantes en la fachada de la mezquita de sa Pobla

Anonymous said...

In Greece, there are 1,500,000 Muslim illegal immigrants and 1,000,000 Albanians. Ethnic Greeks have fallen to 75% and 20% of births are from foreign parents

Anonymous said...

Muslims terrorists were responsible for the terrorist attack at Madrid a few years ago but most Spanish people and politicians have still not realised the Islamic threat

Anonymous said...

Andrew Bostom has done an outstanding job of debunking the Al-Anduluse myth in his books and writings.

You would think that the Spanish of all people would be sensitive to the issue of Islamization.



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