Thursday, 8 November 2012
to think that Serbia once put up a heroic resistance to Islam... Probably not unconnected to its EU membership application.
A Serbian man has been detained after pictures posted on Facebook appeared to show him setting the Muslim holy book on fire using a lighter.

Prosecutor for cybercrime Branko Stamenkovic said Wednesday that the man is suspected of inciting "religious hatred and intolerance." He faces up to eight years in prison.

Stamenkovic identified the suspect as Predrag Cosovic from the capital of Belgrade. He says police detained Cosovic on Tuesday, a day after he allegedly posted the photos of the Quran burning.

Serbia's state television says Cosovic has declared himself a fan of the Red Star Belgrade soccer club.

Soccer hooligans in Serbia are notorious for far-right violence. In the most recent incident, England's U-21 players complained of racial abuse during a match in Serbia in mid-October.
Source: Haaretz


Anonymous said...

The cybercrime prosecutor Branko Stamenkovic should be prsecuted for hate crimes - against white Christian Europeans. Jail him for life!

Anonymous said...

The Koran is not a legitimate holy book. It is trash. Surely, the work of Satan as it goes against Gods laws with it's preaching. I would gladly burn a million of them. They are blasphemy!!!! This man is not a fool to be trickled by such a stupid religion. God bless him for standing up and against satans trickery - Islam.

May all the world stand up against this evil.

Anonymous said...

Well, that is that then.

This makes it official - the whole world is now a Soviet run by the worst sort of Bolsheviks one could dream of in one's worst nightmares.

Anonymous said...

I think islam is the beasts(anti christs religion). The book of revelation says in the end days (now) many people will desert the real God- came true. The Jews will be united again
this happened in 1947 with the creation of Israel- True. The Jew will be hated by all most evrybody- will be true when islam takes over europe and the world under the beast and the false religion(islam). they then in the most hopless hour for Gods followers the hordes will be defeated at armageddon and Jesus will then rule the earth.
This is just a few prophesses I advise anybody to read the book of revelation in the Bible.
The demographics are scary in Europe regarding Islam. For example france ethnic french chilren per family 1.8 Muslims 8.1, more mosques than churches in southern france this is not on the news do not believe television. Marsellis 40 percent muslim. It makes me sick Charles Martle would be sick if he knew this (he defeated them in the 700s and turned back their advance into france) -true hero.

Anonymous said...

Bad spelling I was in a hurry sorry, but I hope get what I am talking about.

Anonymous said...

This website is a great idea whoever made it- thanks.I think you should make a page on Demographis in Europe regarding muslims.

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy at work...They jail this brave man for rejecting evil (in a symbolic way) but protect muslims who openly promote real evil, hatred, physical violence and preach death towards non-muslims.

Each day muslims blaspheme against religions of non-muslims and...¿what do they get?...nothing, not even a 'slap on the wrist'

Zimri said...

"Soccer hooligans in Serbia are notorious for far-right violence"

Nika, please.

Anonymous said...

Hero - if muslims actually read the quran they would know how evil it was ... try and get a muslim to discuss any particular verse with death and violence, bestiality ...etc

Kosovo Je Albania said...

jebem ti mamu srpsko jebem ti mamu serbia jebem ti mamu catholic bitch

Anonymous said...

In the Middle Ages, Islam in Andalusia, Spain have freed entire Europe from the darkness.It's the truth. Please read the history.



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