Friday, 10 August 2012


daithikent said...

Jihad - it makes me fucking sick. As if we did not know, victory to the legitimate government of Syria. These FRA, 'rebels' are used as an acceptable face by the west, knowing that the fall of Assad heralds victory for global jihad. The heads of those Britons fighting with the terrorists should be returned to Hague. I sincerely hope these dogs are crushed and the 'Arab Spring' sees the destruction of Saudi Arabia & Qatar - what vile creatures they are

Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..

The West, particularly USA, Britain and France, doing are giving arms and ammo to al-Qaeda/MB in Syria via Sunni Arabs, with the help of Saudi money.

Syria is the last refuge in the ME for hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians. Syria is the last Arab country where Christians can practice their faith without fear. If the Obama and the West get their way, where will they go?

Anonymous said...

Latest atrocity by the Freedom Fighters in Syria :

Bodies of postal workers thrown from roof

Article here :

original video :

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