Wednesday, 15 August 2012
Norway’s police intelligence unit PST is investigating who’s behind an e-mail sent to several Norwegian politicians and journalists on Monday. The writer, who claims to be part of Breivik’s alleged Knights Templar network, threatens to liquidate Norwegian leaders if Breivik isn’t acquitted.

The writer claims Breivik, who has confessed to carrying out last year’s terrorist attacks that killed 77 persons, sacrificed his own life in his battle against multi-culturalism. The writer claimed that members of Knights Templar won’t accept a verdict that would “ignore” Breivik by determining that he’s insane. The writer therefore demanded an acquittal of “our commander.”

While some terror experts doubted the e-mail’s legitimacy, PST “views this letter as a threat,” Anne Karoline Bakken Staff of PST told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). “We’re taking it very seriously, and we’re investigating it.”

The letter was sent the same day as the release of a report by the government-appointed July 22 Commission, which harshly criticized the emergency response to Breivik’s attacks.


Anonymous said...

On/Off Topic

Burning chapels, and vandalizing anything Christian is by MSM explained as the ordinary mischief

Christianophobia blog likes to caracterize it as the hate of anything Christian

Photo from vandalized chapel in France, where two chapels have been reported as targeted this week.

Anonymous said...

How could Breivik drive the car up to the door at the government building?

Because Stoltenberg in 2007 had put a note on a crucial paper which urged that traffic on the street be blocked. "KESP takes care of this". Then, four years later the street was still not blocked.

That crucial paper explains what would happen if a car would deliver explosives on the door - at the entrance to the building where PM had his office.

Stoltenberg had been warned time and again about the importance of closing this street. His reply: "Not necessary"

The decision had already been made before his time as PM, in 2004, that the street must be blocked.

Jens Stoltenberg is severely critizised after the 22 July Commission presented their report on Monday this week.

It is also clear that Breivik might have been stopped on his way to Utøya had only the responsible person read an important note immediately. On this note was necessary information about Breivik, observed by a witness outside the government building.

daithikent said...

Why are the Norwegian authorities dismissing the anger and frustration of those from the majority culture? Do they really not know or care that people are pissed of at the changes these 'democrats' have forced upon our countries? Anders BB is both sane as well as being mighty pissed off. These ruling european parties that inflict that which is alien upon us choose to ignore the voices and concerns of the original peoples of Europe - are we not the first civilisations? It really is about time they show us some fucking respect.

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