Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Last night, tensions mounted in the Pablo-Picasso district of Nanterre, a "Sensitive Urban Zone", following the arrest of a 36-year-old man for aggravated theft. To show their indignation about the enforcement of the law in what they presumably expected to be a lawless, no-go area, the "jeunes" stopped a 159 bus, ordered the driver and passengers to leave, spread flammable liquid over it then set it on fire.

Source: Via: Fdesouche

This unrelated video offers some insight into the nature of this district:

Poor Picasso, to have a district named after him reduced to this.


daithikent said...

It's sickening. Why on earth is it considered appropriate that our European cities live with this shit

Anonymous said...

Because the politically correct politicians, morons the lot of them, have brought these savages into Europe without permission of the people. They are guilty of treason!

Anonymous said...

Just shoot at them when muslims start riots.

Anonymous said...

islam is a plague.

Anonymous said...

someday the war will occur, I'm so impatient to see these fucking apes getting killed and exported and then our armies destroying all their fucking cities, this way this will need to rebuild EVERYTHING to show their "supremacy"

Anonymous said...

The stupidity is the failure to properly identify the threat. You cannot apply reason to an un-reasonable or non-reasoning people in an attempt to second guess their motives. There is no "why" because it is the nature of such to infect, rob, rape and murder when prey is available and vulnerable.

As long as people subscribe to the belief that all cultures, religions and people are created equal, prey will be plentiful.

Anonymous said...

Poor Picasso?

Picasso was part of the liberal morons who started this.

Call me crazy, but he was a communist lover, and even in his art - which aims to reject nature and put in place artiface, shows signs of the same left-wing lunacy that replaces the nature of reason for the artiface of socialism.

The socialists are the ones, who in hatred of Christianity & Traditionalism, would make Islam not only equal but superior to Christianity - to act as a counterweight to these "Counter-revolutionaries"

Yes, I am a proud Counter-Revolutionary! I am a reactionist! I react to such evils and implement good in response, like any sensible reasonable being should, not like these morons in power in Europe!

Anonymous said...

Shoot these muslim scum.

Anonymous said...

Hitler came at the wrong time and killed millions of innocent Jews. He should have come now so that he could have killed many more millions of guilty Muslims.

Porky's2istan said...

Hitler loved muslims. Like how a proud nazi loves his vicious dog. They plotted together on how to kill every jew on earth. The nazis were destroyed and Israel was born in the middle of dar-es-islam.

Maybe they should work together more often. It would be better for all of us. :)

Anonymous said...

Hang on a minute wasn't Hitler and the totalitarion concept the same as what we are heading into now , I think Hitler, Stalin, Ayatoler - nazi commi islam together would really be a hand full , can we cope as it is?

daithikent said...

Cut-out their image that has been England's cancer for too long. I could live with a dictatorship - as long as it was the right sort! - and as long as it exports and does destroy

Porky's2istan said...

I was just joking. ;) But the links between islam and nazism are clear:

This lawlessness is typical of a civilization in decline. Islam creates poverty, poverty creates violence, islam supercharges the violence, which creates more islam, more violence and more poverty.

Eventually France will have to kick these miscreants out or become as crappy as every other muslim nation on earth.

jdpeiper said...

Sadly, France will NOT evict anyone and neither will most if not all other western countries. Nice wish but it will not happen because the west will not do the necessary deeds to rid itself of the cancer that is every muslim firebrand living in and taking advantage of western culture while working to undermine it. They need to be rounded up in the dead of night and promptly deleted. A message has to be sent that the west will no longer roll over and spread it's legs willingly for the islamic rapist. And btw, do not lose sight of their birthrate. They breed like insects. Of course they do. They are insects.

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