Monday, 27 August 2012

This took place in Bègles, in the south-west of France.
Appearing at the prosecutor's office yesterday, he was questioned in relation to the murder of his spouse. He was then placed in detention. He denies the facts, arguing that his wife, who fell from the 10th floor, committed suicide.

Abdelaziz Sadik, 46, was questioned yesterday in the late afternoon in relation to the murder of his spouse. At the end of his presentation in front of the judge for freedom and detention, he was placed under a custody order in Gradignan prison.

...In the course of the interviews, it became apparent to the investigators that an extremely violent scene played out in this 10th-floor apartment on the evening of the drama. For a motive that was apparently benign, but that culminated in a manifestation of extreme anger.

The anger seemed first of all to be directed against one of the couple's children. The mother is then said to have wanted to interpose herself between them and the two are said to have become the target of the father's anger at the peak of his fury. This led to the adolescent leaving the apartment. It is at that moment that the drama occurred.
Source: Le Sudouest


Anonymous said...

chop his head off they would do it to us english

Anonymous said...

Poor woman gets thrown off a 10th floor balcony for siding with her child. (Truly disgusting.) In a sane world, he would never be allowed to walk free again.

Anonymous said...

These people are the spawn of the devil, hate filled zombies, war minded retards and blood thirsty robots.

Anonymous said...

It's funny.I'm an anarchist and I would gladly have someone like Hitler in office(pretty big deal since my family is Jewish)if he could sort out the economy and the current state of Europe.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

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