Saturday, 14 July 2012

Last year, I wrote about statistics showing that Ramadan regularly unleashed a massive crime wave in Algeria. It seems this is a general phenomenon. The Dutch police are obviously now aware that is has reached Europe.
The police in Utrecht and the Hague in the Netherlands are going to reinforce their presence in the streets Ramadan. The objective is to avoid criminality progressing at the heart of the Muslim community during the Muslim fast.

...In the Hague, the police will have a greater presence in the evening and night, because that is when the Muslims can eat and are thus "more active". The deputy mayor of the Dutch city explaints that "for Ramadan provisions have to be taken to guarantee calm and security," as during other great events. sera plus présente le soir et la nuit, parce que à ce moment là les musulmans peuvent manger et sont par conséquent « plus actifs ». L’adjoint au maire de la ville néerlandaise explique que « pour le Ramadan des dispositions doivent être prises pour garantir le calme et la sécurité », comme lors d’autres grands événements.

These announcements do not seem to shock anyone in the Netherlands, where numerous Muslim associations, and notably the Moroccan association "Trendy", themselves conduct initiatives to sensitise people to criminality during Ramadan.
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Anonymous said...

fuck islam.

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Deport all Muslims where they come from!!!!



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