Saturday, 31 March 2012

You were a valiant knight of Islam, you fought the Zionist shit and the false Muslims, you died weapons in hand ... I salute you Mohamed my brother, my friend ... rest in peace!

This was found in Tarbes, only 15 km from the Catholic shrine of Lourdes!

Source: PI


Anonymous said...

doesn't existe moderate islam,...or they are terrorists, or they simple support the terrorism..what they call jihad to kill all infidels and conquer the western culture

DP111 said...

I hope the French are realising what a mistake was made in allowing Muslims into France.

What France needs is a Joan of Arc, or better still, Charles Martell.

Anonymous said...

LOL! yeah - a martell! they have obviously forgotten their history with the Ottomans, brought it back into their country willingly and to the doorstep of the rest of civilized europe... no joke these days when I hear someone talking about their trip to "Pariran" and how they were rather put off to see all the muslim men in the streets praying to mecca! I don't know if that still happens though - this story came to me from a tourist a few years back.

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