Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Islamophobia is a healthy immune reaction that occurs naturally in civilised communities following exposure to the mind virus Islam. As the social organism attempts to reject this uniquely malignant pathogen, it frantically stimulates antibody formation through the medium of blogs, books, videos, newspaper articles and comments. Anti-viral action typically takes the form of reasoned inquiry into the effects of the virus, which flourishes in darkness but is debilitated and destroyed by light.


Steen said...

French philosoph teacher tell here about the origin of the word. This is in danish, but you can find it in french

It was invented by the Mullahs of Teheran when feminist Kate Millet went there in 1979 to fight their forced veil. But it really caught wind at the time of the Rushdie affair ten years later. And now people believe, that it is a word describing an actual condition. Its sheer propaganda.

Bluepanic said...

That’s what the London School of Economics Students’ Union resolved, with Islamophobia defined to include “hatred or fear of Islam, Muslims, or Islamic culture, and the stereotyping, demonisation or harassment of Muslims, including but not limited to portraying Muslims as barbarians or terrorists, or attacking the Qur’an as a manual of hatred.” Here’s the resolution:

Union believes
1. In the right to criticise religion,
2. In freedom of speech and thought,
3. It has a responsibility to protect its members from hate crime and hate speech,
4. Debate on religious matters should not be limited by what may be offensive to any particular religion, but the deliberate and persistent targeting of one religious group about any issue with the intent or effect of being Islamophobic (‘Islamophobia’ as defined below) will not be tolerated.
5. That Islamophobia is a form of anti-Islamic racism.

Union resolves
1. To define Islamophobia as “a form of racism expressed through the hatred or fear of Islam, Muslims, or Islamic culture, and the stereotyping, demonisation or harassment of Muslims, including but not limited to portraying Muslims as barbarians or terrorists, or attacking the Qur’an as a manual of hatred”, …
4. To ensure that all Islamophobic incidents aimed at or perpetrated by LSE students either verbal, physical or online are dealt with swiftly and effectively in conjunction with the School ….

Here’s the problem: What does it mean to “believe[]” “in freedom of speech,” if you can’t express your view that the Koran is a manual of hatred, or that Islam — or Catholicism or Scientology or atheism or any other belief system — should be hated or feared? How you can have a sensible “[d]ebate on religious matters” about the worth or dangerousness of these belief systems if the view that some of the systems are evil is “dealt with swiftly and effectively” by the School and its student government?

DP111 said...

Islamonausea not Islamophobia, is what now naturally comes to mind when contemplating Islam and sharia.

Anonymous said...

I have an even better definition of islamophobia (well, it's actually the one of an Austrian ex-muslim): Islamophobia means being afraid of islam in the truest sense of the word. Consequently, islamophobic are those who don't speak up against islam because they are afraid of offending islam/muslims or afraid of subsequent threats, punishemnts etc. They are islamophobes.

Anonymous said...

It is just one of these made up words that are
twisted and overused so much they become meaningless. Anti-semitic is another as is
racist.Islam is a tremendous problem because it CAN'T change in any way. When you start digging with even the most quietly spoken and friendly Moslems,you find that they are trapped in a system which is rigid about everything,nothing can be questioned or altered.

Nicolai Sennels said...

Fear of Islam, Islamophobia, is what Muslim extremists try to make us to feel by using threats and terror. But who is afraid of Islam? We feel sick of all that hate, violence and suppression of women. Islamonausea is a fitting word."
- Nicolai Sennels

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

It's an interesting suggestion to try and replace Islamophobia with Islamonausea. But sometimes it's best just to embrace the slur rather than fight against it. Just as negroes took the insult "nigger" then started using it for themselves; or lesbians took "dyke" and wore it with pride, so to speak; for us it may be better just to say "Yes, I am an islamphobe and here's why" : rehabilitate the term rather than repudiate it.



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