Sunday, 12 June 2011

MEPs have to record all contacts they have with lobbyists and publish a report on them. The definition of lobbyist is quite vague and can mean almost anyone who could have an influence on their views on policy. This report contains a record of the meetings Conservative MEPs had with lobbyists in the last half of last year.

The record of Sajjad Karim, a Muslim Conservative MEP representing the north-west of England, is probably typical for Muslim politicians. I would say that roughly two-thirds of the meetings have a "Muslim angle". Even the meetings that don't obviously have a Muslim angle turn out to have one when you dig a bit deeper. For example, at first it's a bit puzzling to see him meeting with Lucille Cohen of the Jewish Council for Greater Manchester, then you realise that the Jews and Muslims are working together to try and frustrate the EU compulsory food-labelling legislation. Or meeting with a guy from the Merseyside fire brigade about something called FAAIR. Then you look up the initialism and find out what it means: Fire Awareness, Accommodation and Integration for Refugees. So there's a Muslim angle there too. Most likely, some of the other meetings relate to the interests of Muslims, too, in a way that isn't immediately apparent. It is clear that this is someone who sees his job as being to represent the interests of the Ummah, rather than the British people.

Apparently this traitor was "the first British Muslim elected to the European Parliament on 4 June 2004."

On his website, his proud boast is "Putting the North-West First". A look at his meetings with lobbyists should be enough to convince you that his slogan should be "Putting the Ummah First".

Member of European Parliament Sajjad Karim
Region North West
Date of
Name of lobbyist(s) Organisation/company
- if applicable

Isabelle Van de
Gejuchte and Owen
The British Council Discuss the BC "Our Shared Europe" project

Abdulkader H. Sinno
Follow up to a study on Muslim elected officials in the

Special Representative
to the Turkish Cypriot
President and the
Head of the EU Office
Turkish Cypriot representation in
Exchange of ideas regarding the Direct Trade
Regulation with Northern Cyprus scheduled to be taken
by JURI Committee

06/09/2010 Mr. Masood Hamid High Commission of Pakistan in London Exchange of views on the situation in Pakistan

09/07/2010 Kannah Kasturirangan
European Advocacy
Chemtura Manufacturing UK Ltd
Exchange of view on RoHS Amendment proposals

Dr Arafat Shoukr
Stuart Colley
Council for European Palestinian Relation
Exchange of views on the political situation with regard
to Palestine and the EU’s engagement with the issue

H.E. Mr. Huseyin
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Turkish
Republic of Northern Cyprus

Ongoing negotiations in Cyprus and he position of
the Turkish Cypriot side with regard to the
"Direct Trade Regulation".

Louise Randall
Dominic Gates
Industry and Parliament Trust ITRE dossiers
Kimon Zorbas
Lucile Barjot
IAB Europe, the European online sector
and digital marketing industries
Exchange of views on data protection issues

17/09/2010 Simon Chapman Merseyside Fire and Rescue Seminar and launch of FAAIR [Fire Awareness, Accommodation and Integration for Refugees] programme

Julia Bateman and
other Experts
The Law Society Chair Practitioners Forum on Contract Law Green Paper

12/10/2010 Rick Wilberforce
Pilkington, the glass and glazing manufacturer
ITRE dossier going through committee such as the new
Energy strategy, the Energy Efficiency Action Plan

Barrister Sultan
Mahmood Chaudhry
Former Prime Minister of Azad Jammu
and Kashmir
Current Security Situation in Kashmir

13/10/2010 Raja Najabat Hussain
Jammu Kashmir Self Determination Movement
Current Security Situation in Kashmir

19/10/2010 Richard Hyslop
Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)and the European Small Business Alliance (ESBA)
Discuss and Launch or Written declaration 88 with regard to administrative burden on SMEs

Edward Pitt
Joanna Kielty
The Law Societies of England and Wales Discuss the European contract law Workshop in JURI
I. Van de Gejuchte
O. Wainhouse
K. Maenpaa
The British Council Discuss the BC "Our Shared Europe" project

27/10/2010 Emily Katkar U.S. Mission to the European Union
Exchange of views on EU Pakistan in the context of the
EU’s significant flood aid and plans for a WTO waiver
for Pakistan.

03/11/2010 Simon Rigby
Farmgen Ltd, Dryholme Farm, Silloth,
Cumbria Meeting on proposed new anaerobic digester

Ben Chiltern
Sellafield Ltd, Nuclear Processing
Facility, Seascale, Cumbria
Tour site, discuss future proposals for developments
Nick Pike and colleagues from South
Lakeland Development

Gilbert, Gilkes and Gordon Ltd, Canal
Iron Works, Canal Head North, Kendal
Meeting to discuss Kendal canal head re-development.
Tour factory

08/11/2010 Lucille Cohen
Reps from Jewish Council for Greater
Meeting to discuss meat labelling and amendment to
the proposal for a regulation of the European
Parliament and of the Council on the provision of food
information to consumers.

12/11/2010 CBI North West
Briefing for MPs/MEPs and meeting with corporate

18/11/2010 Nigel Gibbons
the International Association of Microsoft
Channel Partners (IAMCP) in the UK
Discuss issues that the European technology SMEs are
facing today. and some of Parliament's current and
forthcoming dossiers in the areas of ICT, intellectual
property, consumer protection and growth and jobs;

Xavier Blanc
Guenaëlle Collet
AEPO-ARTIS (Association of European
Performers’ Organisations)
Exchange of views with regard to the Working
Document on “Copyright Territoriality, Collective
Management and Remuneration”; and issues regarding
authors’ rights/performers’ rights and culture.

24/11/2010 Angela Steen Google UK
discuss the issue of copyright, especially in light of the
recent announcement by the UK government in terms
of fair use

30/11/2010 Charlie Cornish Manchester Airport
Discuss recent developments at Manchester
Airport and current EU issues such as airport
security, aviation security charges and airport

Kelvin Smits
Joanne Scobie
Younison Europe
Wild Palms
the current collective rights management system

07/12/2010 H. E. Ali Asghar KHAJI
Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran
to EU
Concerns in Iran

Bruno Boutleux
Isabelle Feldman
Jacques Lovell
Adami, collective rights management
society for the intellectual property
rights of performing artists.
Discuss the evolution of copyright & related right


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