Friday, 20 May 2011
There are now major contingents of Lampedusa-processed Tunisians living on the streets of Paris. While the Paris city government under the leadership of Tunisian-born Betrand Delanoe attempts to play nice with them, some of Paris's third-world inhabitants have proven to be less friendly. You might have thought there would be some sense of solidarity between the swart-skinned colonisers of Europe. But it seems not.

When four Tunisians turned up at a Paris shop and demanded to be given some tins of tuna and other free stuff, its third-world-origin owner made a phone call and a group of ghetto "youths" soon appeared on the scene as dispensers of rough justice. Some of the Tunisians made their escape but one was beaten to death.

Apparently the already-settled third-world denizens of Paris are unhappy about the newly-arrived Tunisians before of the police and media attention they bring to the neighbourhood. The Tunisians face daily threats and violence.

Source: Novopress


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