Thursday, 19 May 2011
Last week an earthquake hit Lorca in Spain. It killed about 10 people but destroyed many homes. The displaced people are now living in emergency camps that have been set up. Food and other necessities are given out to them there.

Large numbers of immigrants (of course most of these will be Mohammedans but the controlled press won't say that) are coming from all over the region, claiming they have been displaced by the earthquake and demanding free stuff.

The Red Cross has been forced to deploy additional security staff to deal with the problems these interlopers are causing and is now asking victims to show ID to prove they are local before giving anything to them.

Spanish victims are actually going hungry because the immigrants are grabbing all the food. And now the Muslims are demanding halal food! Next they'll no doubt be demanding that they get free stuff from the Red Crescent instead of the Red Cross.


Via: La Yihad en Eurabia


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