Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Telegraph reports that many of the African savages who have come through Lampedusa are now getting ready to enter Britain.

“It is very difficult to get on the train, but I dream of England,” said Mohammed, who arrived in Calais on Tuesday after fleeing the war in Libya, where he was a migrant worker from Chad.

“Maybe I will hide, but I hope to find a way to get there somehow. England is a great country where I can have my human rights.”

Until he can sneak onto a lorry heading for Britain, he is living with up to 400 other migrants in a squalid, chaotic encampment nicknamed 'Africa House’.

In the BBC segment shown above, one of the discussion participants is BNP leader Nick Griffin. He mentions that cross-channel lorry drivers told him that they had been threatened by these would-be African immigrants, who had been demanding passage on their lorries at knife point.


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