Monday, 21 March 2011

That is the clear message from yesterday's cantonal elections in France. Sarkozy's UMP slumped to 17% of the vote while the Front National made a historic leap forward to achieve 15.26%. Its previous best result in cantonal elections was 12.2% in 2004. It began pushing into new areas of France where its support has traditionally not been strong.

The FN will now participate in around 400 second-round elections, facing the Socialist party in the majority of cases. This creates a dilemma for the UMP. There is an internal dispute within the party about whether it should join with the Socialists in a "Republican front", each telling their supporters to vote for the other mainstream party rather than the FN in cases where the FN is involved in a run-off against either the Socialists or the UMP. Some of Sarkozy's ministers, including the Prime Minister, Francois Fillon, have already called for this; others, including, Sarkozy himself, have opposed it.

UPDATE: This interview in Le Monde provides some interesting information. Because the FN were not present in every constituency, their share of the vote nationally understates their performance. In the cantons where they did have a presence, their share of the vote was 19.2%, even higher than the UMP.


Johnny Rottenborough said...

There was a remarkably favourable profile of Marine Le Pen in the Guardian a few days ago, under the general heading of ‘New Europe’. We live in hope.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Because she's a woman, she must qualify for special consideration as a member of one of their designated victim groups.

BTW, if you ever want to post a Counterjihad-themed article here, you're welcome to.

Johnny Rottenborough said...

Thanks. I find that I’m at my most inspired (which is not very inspired at all) when I’m responding to a blog or a comment but I’ll certainly bear the offer in mind.

Ralph Lynn said...

Marine Le Pen is an inspiration. I hope she does well. A clear majority, or (it's a dream..)a landslide would truly give hope (and the CJ needs it!)to us all. For me politics is no longer left/right, but utopian/realist. A rise in realist fortunes may well push the utopians to move from defence of third worlders, to their actual representation. If so it's the beginning of the end for the utopes and eurabia!

Or am I being too optimistic?

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